A German meets Swinging Gourmets In New Orleans

First chorus from Louis:
“Do you know what it means
To miss New Orleans
And miss it each night and day,
The feeling’s getting stronger,
The longer, I stay away.” –

I’m walking! I’m walking to New Orleans.
For the tall sugar pine,
For a steel guitar, a glass of wine
At Martin’s Wine Store,
For Louis, he knows, what it means,
Each night and day, to miss it more.

Kreolische Küche in Regenbogenfarben.
Pfannengerichte, schnell zur Hand,
Sie speisen den swingenden Barden
Mit leichtem Sinn im Blaubeerenland.
French Market’s Dixie Blues:
Hot blackened Red Snapper
Roasted on Chilli, Gumbo and Pepper –
Wonderland’s Burger for Alice.

Commander’s Palace –
No five dollar meal!
It’s real the best place in town,
Diners Club Mambo!
Haute Cajun Cuisine:
Jambalaya, Crawfish Pie and Filé Gumbo.
A spicy temptation, the Holy Trinity:
Paprika, Zwiebeln und Staudensellerie.
Würzige Mixtur dem Hühnertopf-Parcours:
Big fun on the bayou with Yvonne de la Rue.

Last chorus from Louis:
“Oh the moonlight on the bayou
A creole tune that fills the air
I dream about Magnolias in bloom
And I’m wishin‘ I was there.” –

© Manfred Klenk